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Tresaith waterfall is unique as it’s the only waterfall in Wales that lands on a beach. It’s not the easiest to find which is why I’ve put together this simple guide with step-by-step instructions to reach the waterfall.

As well as visiting the waterfall itself, I recommend spending some time on the small beach itself which has been awarded blue flag status for its safety and cleanliness.

About Tresaith Waterfall

Tresaith waterfall is where the Afon Saith (Saith River) cascades over the cliff into the sea near the small village of Tresaith in Ceredigion, West Wales.

During summer, this is merely a trickle, but it’s more impressive in Winter or after heavy rainfall. The waterfall is notable because it’s the only waterfall in Wales that lands on a beach.

How To Visit Tresaith Waterfall

1. Park at Tresaith Beach Car Park

The best place to park for Tresaith waterfall is at Tresaith beach car park which is located just off Tresaith Road about 8-10 minutes walk from the beach. It is a paid car park with a fixed fee of £2 no matter how long you stay, this is paid via an honesty box so you will need exact cash. The car park is not shown on Google Maps, but you can find it here.

2. Walk down to Tresaith beach

To reach the beach, leave the dedicated car park in the direction of the sea. Turn left as you leave the car park and walk down the hill. When you reach the junction, look for the small walkway next to the bus stop. These steps will lead you down to the beach.

Note: For step-free access, you can follow the road instead of taking the steps. Visiting via the steps takes around 8 minutes from the car park, whereas the road route takes 10 minutes.

3. Head Right At the Beach and Climb Over the Rocks

Once you reach the beach, look over to your far right where you’ll see a rocky area. You’ll need to scramble over these rocks to find the waterfall.

The waterfall is accessible at all tides, however, keep in mind that the rocks can get very slippery when they are wet.

You’ll easily spot the waterfall as you climb over the rocks. There are plenty of places to sit and some more sandy areas around the side of the cliff too.

Additional Visitor Information

How Much is Tresaith Waterfall?

Tresaith waterfall is free of charge to visit. If you are visiting by car, there is a £2 parking charge at the beach car park.

What Facilities Are There at Tresaith Beach?

There are free public toilets at Tresaith beach as well as a small shop selling snacks and beach gear. You’ll usually find a burger van and coffee truck here too during peak season

Is Tresaith Waterfall Dog-Friendly?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your dog to Tresaith waterfall. However, there are seasonal dog restrictions on the other side of Tresaith beach between 1st May and 30th September. Clear signage tells you where you can and can’t take your dog.

Is Tresaith Waterfall Wheelchair Friendly?

No. Although there is disabled access to Tresaith beach, reaching the waterfall requires climbing over slippery rocks so it is not suitable for those with mobility issues.

Other Waterfalls in West Wales

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