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This Menai Bridge Circular Trail will take you along the beautiful coast of the Menai Strait. Starting with Church Island and then joining the Wales Coastal Path along the Belgian Promenade.

The route finishes by crossing the Menai Bridge, although you’ll have to walk back on yourself for this section as there is only one walking route across the strait.

The route is 3.2km and takes around 45-50 minutes to walk. There are two optional add-ons which are Treborth Botanic Gardens and the Heritage Museum which I’ve shared in the instructions below.

Route Map

Here’s a route map using Alltrails. Keep reading below for photos from each step of the way.

Step-By-Step Route for the Menai Bridge Circular

Here are my step-by-step instructions for completing the Menai Bridge Circular Walk:

1. Park at Coed Cymol Car Park in Menai Bridge

The route begins at Coed Cymol Car Park in Menai Bridge. Parking charges apply here between 8am-8pm, the costs are as follows:

  • £1 for 1 hour
  • £1.50 for 2 hours
  • £2 for 4 hours

The trail begins at the ‘Heritage Trails’ map towards the rear of the car park.

Follow this small yellow arrow to begin the route.

2. Visit Church Island

As you reach the end of the wooded section, the path diverts into two, head straight across to reach Church Island.

Walk across this bridge

The island is tidal so it will look very different at high tide when it will be totally surrounded by water, compared to low tide shown here.

As you cross the current causeway, you can see the old causeway to the right which is now hidden beneath the water at high tide after being eroded by storms.

The old causeway on your right

It’s only a small island but there’s a path to walk around it where you’ll get a good view of the Britannia Bridge. On the island, you’ll also find St Tysilio’s Church from which the island gets its name and a world war cenotaph on top of a hill which is a great viewpoint.

3. Walk Around the Belgian Promenade

After you’ve walked around Church Island, head back across the causeway and turn right to walk along the Belgian Promenade which is part of the Wales Coastal Path.

This is a promenade that was built by a group of Belgian refugees who were grateful to Menai Bridge for providing food and shelter for them during the first World War.

Continue following the path around the coastline and you’ll eventually be able to see both the Britannia Bridge and Menai Bridge from the same spot.

4. Walk Under the Menai Bridge

The path continues underneath the Menai Bridge.

Just after you pass under the bridge, there’s a lovely green area on the right which is the best spot to get a photo of the bridge up close. If you look carefully, you can see the Britannia Bridge through some of its arches.

5. Loop Around Up Towards the Menai Bridge

Now, we’re going to loop around to cross over the top of the bridge. You’ll find a shortcut up some steps on your left or you can follow the road until it loops around.

Continue following the road up towards the bridge, you’ll have zig-zag through some back roads here. Verge right at the one-way signs then left past the no-entry road signs.

When you reach the roundabout, turn immediately left. By this point, the bridge will be very visible so you can’t get lost.

6. Cross the Menai Bridge

Now it’s finally time to cross the bridge. You can’t walk across the Britannia Bridge so you will have to cross the Menai Strait and return using the Menai Bridge.

Both sides of the bridge have incredible views so I recommend that you cross it on the left-hand side and return on the opposite side.

7. Explore Treborth Botanic Gardens [Optional]

After crossing the Menai Bridge, you can optionally divert along the coast to explore Treborth Botanic Gardens which is a large area of grassland, woodland, and flowered gardens owned by Bangor University.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to explore this on my walk. Without the botanic gardens, this walk lasts around 45-50 minutes. However, you could add another 30-40 minutes by including the gardens.

8. Return Across the Bridge Towards the Car Park

If you’re not visiting the gardens, simply turn around and cross back over the bridge along the route you came.

This is a circular trail so once over the bridge, you simply need to head straight across at the roundabout and you’ll return to the car park where you began on the left side of the road.

9. Visit the Menai Bridge Heritage Museum [Optional]

If you happen to be completing the Menai Bridge circular trail on a Wednesday or Thursday between 9am-5pm, I can recommend that you stop by at the heritage museum which is near the car park.

This museum is full of information about the two bridges that cross the Menai Strait, including the architects, how they were constructed, and how they impacted Anglesey. You’ll also learn about the famous fire that badly damaged the Britannia Bridge and how this lead to a road being added on top.

Related Questions

Can You Walk Across Britannia Bridge?

No, you can’t walk across the Britannia Bridge. There is a road and railway across the bridge, but there is no pavement for walking across.

Can You Walk Across the Menai Bridge?

Yes, you can walk across the Menai Bridge, there are pavements on either side of the road which offer splendid views as you walk over the Menai Strait.

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