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Skrinkle Haven is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and undisturbed beaches in West Wales. That’s largely down to the fact that you aren’t actually allowed to visit it.

This is because some of the steps on the official stairway down to the beach have collapsed and there have been falling rocks so public access is now forbidden. The pathway down to the beach has been closed off and has now become overgrown and inaccessible.

So, how do you get there? Keep reading to find out.

About Skinkle Haven

Skrinkle Haven beach has an interesting geological formation. It is made from limestone and red sandstone cliffs which have eroded over time and resulted in it becoming secluded.

The beach is found within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and falls within the Freshwater East Cliffs to Skrinkle Haven site of special scientific interest (SSSI). It is also a special area of conservation.

The beach is found near the Royal Artillery Range so was off-limits for many years due to this. Whilst military operations no longer take place at the base, the beach is now off-limits due to falling rocks and collapsing steps. It’s destined to be forbidden.

Skrinkle Haven beach is adjacent to Church Doors Cove but separated by a large headland as shown below.

How To Get To Skrinkle Haven

As you cannot reach Skrinkle Haven by the main steps, you’ll instead need to visit Church Doors Cove, the beach next door, and climb through a small archway that has formed in the rocks between the two beaches.

WARNING: This archway is inaccessible when the tide comes in so ensure you only use it when the tide is out and allow plenty of time to get back after. The tide was already starting to come in during my visit so I didn’t risk it.

Swimming around would be difficult and potentially dangerous because there are lots of rocks in the water.

If you did become completely stranded on Skinkle Haven, those that are adventurous and able-bodied should be able to climb up the closed stairway, although you’ll have to manoeuvre through the overgrown plants and bushes, as well as climbing over fences.

Where to Park? There is free parking around 400m from Church Doors Cove which can be used to access Skrinkle Haven. The walk from the car park to Church Doors Cove takes 5 minutes but includes around 100 or so steep steps.

About the Beach

Managed ByPembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority
LifeguardNo, there are no lifeguards at Skrinkle Haven beach.
Blue Flag AwardNo
Water QualityN/A

Visitor Information

Are There Toilets at Skrinkle Haven Beach?

No, there are no toilets at Skinkle Haven beach because officially, it’s not open to the public. The nearest facilities are at YHA Manobier.

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