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Llanddwyn Beach (also known as Newborough Beach) is one of the top beaches in Anglesey, found at the southwest of the island. It’s part of the Newborough Warren and Llanddwyn Island National Nature Reserve and is backed by a large forest with walking, cycling, and horseriding trails for all abilities.

The sandy beach stretches for over 3.5miles (5.7km) and is best know for Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn), a tidal island at the northern end of the beach where St Dwynwen, the patron saint for lovers in Wales, is said to have lived as a nun. Today, there are several significant landmarks you can visit on the island.

I recently visited Llanddwyn Beach and have put together this guide with everything you need to know about getting there and some fun things you can do at the beach.

How To Get There

By Car: The easiest way to reach Llanddwyn Beach is by car. You’ll pass through Newborough forest which is managed by Natural Resources Wales.

Where to Park? Parking for Llanddwyn Beach is at Newborough Forest beach car park. The latest pricing for this in 2022 is £2 for the first hour plus 40p for each additional hour, up to a daily maximum of £7 per vehicle. The beach is less than 2 minutes from the car park via the boardwalk.

By Public Transport: There is no public transport direct to Llanddwyn beach, however, you can take bus number 42/42A to Newborough or Maltreath and walk to the beach from there. From Newborough, the walk is about 45 minutes along roads, whereas from Maltraeth you can take a longer scenic route along neighbouring Penrhos beach (Traeth Penrhos) see the route here.

About the Beach

Llanddwyn Beach (or Traeth Llanddwyn in Welsh) is a large sandy beach backed by a forest of Corsican pine trees which were planted between 1947 and 1965 to stabilise the dunes and provide timber.

It is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and also forms part of the Newborough Warren – Ynys Llanddwyn Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Anglesey Coast Salt Marsh Special Area of Conservation. The beach also goes by the name Newborough Beach although this is incorrect.

Managed ByNatural Resources Wales
LifeguardNo, there is no lifeguard at Llanddwyn beach. There is usually a warden at the beach to ensure everyone is following the rules, but these are not lifeguards.
Blue Flag AwardNo, although Llanddwyn beach has previously received a blue flag award, it currently does not have this accolade since the criteria changed in 2022.
Water QualityThe water quality at Llanddwyn Beach is excellent and has received the maximum 3-star award from Natural Resources Wales. Find out more here.
Other NotesOvernight camping on the beach or at the car park is forbidden. From 4pm-9am, a height barrier prevents vehicles over 2m high from entering the car park.

Visitor Information

Is it Free to Visit Llanddwyn Beach?

Although Llanddwyn Beach itself is free, most people will visit by car so you’ll have to pay a parking charge at Newborough Forest (see the latest pricing above).

Your registration plate will be captured when you arrive and you’ll pay at the exit barrier. It’s possible to pay by cash or card. If you are being dropped off, there is a 20-minute window during which you won’t be charged. Parking is free for blue badge holders.

To visit for free, you would need to walk to the beach along the coastal path from either Maltraeth or Newborough. There are parking options and public transport in both of these places, however, the walk is fairly long. See the full route from Maltraeth to Newborough here.

Are There Toilets at Llanddwyn Beach?

Yes, there are free public toilets in the Newborough Forest car park next to LLanddywn beach. This includes a disability toilet and baby changing facilities. The toilets are open until 6pm in summer and 4pm in winter.

Are Dogs Allowed on Llanddwyn Beach?

Dogs are prohibited from the western section of Llanddwyn beach (to the right when coming from the car park) between 1st April and 30th September due to nesting seabirds.

There is still a public right of access to Llanddwyn Island so dogs are permitted on the footpaths year-round providing they are kept on a lead.

There are signs at the beach which are very misleading suggesting that your dog is not allowed on the island at certain times of the year. However, note the small print that says ‘Except on Public Rights of Way’.

Is Llanddwyn Beach Accessible?

Yes, Llanddwyn Beach is accessible for wheelchair and pushchair users. There are also wheelchair-friendly walking trails from the beach car park. However, Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn) is not accessible due to steps leading up to the island.

What Other Facilities Are There?

The facilities at LLanddwyn Beach include free public toilets, free water bottle fill-up points, dedicated BBQ areas (bring your own BBQ), and picnic benches. During peak season there is also a food truck and ice cream van, both of which accept card for payments over £5.

Things To Do at Llanddwyn Beach

When you’re finished with the usual beach activities such as swimming and catching up on your tan, here are some other activities you can enjoy a Llanddwyn Beach:

1. Visit Llanddwyn Island

The main reason people visit Llanddwyn beach is to reach Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn) which is one of the top things to do in Anglesey.

The island is home to several landmarks including Tŵr Mawr Lighthouse and the ruins of the Church of St Dwynwen who is the patron saint of lovers.

This is a tidal island which means that it could be inaccessible at high tide. It’s generally recommended to leave the island 2 hours before high tide to ensure you do not get stuck. Check the tide times here.

You can see my detailed guide to Ynys Llanddwyn and Twr Mawr Lighthouse for more information.

2. Walk the Trails at Newborough Forest

There are plenty of different walking trails at Newborough Forest that cater to all abilities from a short family trail with animal puzzles up to a longer dune walk that takes several hours. There is a short trail suitable for wheelchair users too.

Most begin at the beach car park where you’ll find information about each on the signage.

3. Go Kitesurfing

Llanddwyn beach is a hot spot for kitesurfing in Anglesey. It is a recommended spot by Kitesurfing UK who suggest that the mix of flat and choppy waters found around the coast provide something for everyone.

4. Cycle Around Newborough Forest

As well as walking trails, Newborough Forest has two cycling trails along forest roads. This is a great way to burn some calories before (or after) relaxing on the beach.

Again, both trails start in the beach car park and are well-signposted. The Bikequest Nature Challenge trail is great for families with an activity pack to complete along the way, whereas the Corsica Bike Trail has some incredible views across the estuary as you cycle through the forest.

Find out more about all of the cycling and walking trails here.

5. Get Naked (Controversial)

There is much debate as to wether Llanddwyn Beach is a nudist beach or not. According to the local council, this is definitely not a nudist beach and they have urged people not to ditch their clothes here1 (source: Daily Post).

However, the lack of any official designation hasn’t put people off giving it a try and it’s featured on many lists as one of Wales’ top nudist beaches. One naturist said on the Walking Club website, “This is a really tranquil, lovely spot and you definitely shouldn’t allow the fact that it’s not an official nude beach put you off giving it a try”2 (source: Walking Club).

Whatever you decide, the beach is one of the longest in North Wales so there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves here.


Llanddwyn beach is best visited when the tide is low so that you can enjoy the wide beach and access Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn). When the tide is in, you may need to use the alternative path through Newborough forest instead of walking along the beach and the island may be inaccessible.

You can check the latest tide times for LLandwwyn beach here.

Related Questions

Can You Swim at Llanddwyn Beach?

Yes, it’s safe to swim at Llanddwyn Beach. The water quality has been given the maximum 3-star rating by Natural Resources Wales. However, there are no lifeguards at this beach so extra care should be taken.

Are There Jellyfish at Llanddwyn Beach?

Yes, like most beaches in Wales, it is possible to encounter jellyfish from time to time, although this is not very common. However, there’s no need to worry as they aren’t very dangerous to humans according to the Marine Conservation Society.

Most will give a mild sting and nobody has ever died from a jellyfish in the UK. You should still try to avoid them if you can, both in water and if they are washed up on land because they can still sting you when dead3 (source: BBC).

Can You Park Overnight at LLanddwyn Beach?

No, overnight parking is forbidden at Llanddwyn beach. A high barrier is in place from 4pm-9am which prevents vehicles over 2m high from entering the car park.

Can You Walk to Llanddwyn Island At High Tide?

Llanddwyn Island can become inaccessible at high tide, although not always. You should still aim to visit at low tide and try to be off the island two hours before high tide. Even if the island seems accessible, if conditions change or the tide continues to come in, you could become trapped for several hours.

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