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There are 88 places in Wales beginning with H. This Ordnance Survey names data includes every town, village and hamlet starting with H.

HafodSuburban AreaSA1Abertawe - Swansea
HafodyrynysVillageNP11Caerffili - Caerphilly
HakinSuburban AreaSA73Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
Halfpenny FurzeHamletSA33Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HalfwaySuburban AreaSA14Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HalfwayHamletSA19Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HalfwayHamletSA20Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
Hanover SquareSuburban AreaSA1Abertawe - Swansea
HardwickSuburban AreaNP16Sir Fynwy - Monmouthshire
HarlechTownLL46Gwynedd - Gwynedd
HarmonyHamletSA64Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
Haroldston WestHamletSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HarptonHamletLD8Powys - Powys
HasguardHamletSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HawthornSuburban AreaCF37Rhondda Cynon Taf - Rhondda Cynon Taf
HawyVillageLD1Powys - Powys
Hayes GateHamletNP16Sir Fynwy - Monmouthshire
Hayscastle CrossVillageSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HaysfordHamletSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HazelbeachHamletSA73Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HeartseaseHamletLD7Powys - Powys
HeathSuburban AreaCF14Caerdydd - Cardiff
HebronHamletSA34Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
Hen Bentref LlandegfanVillageLL59Sir Ynys Mon - Isle of Anglesey
HendomenVillageSY15Powys - Powys
HendreHamletLL32Conwy - Conwy
HendreHamletCH7Sir y Fflint - Flintshire
HendreHamletCF35Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr - Bridgend
HendredennySuburban AreaCF83Caerffili - Caerphilly
HendreforganVillageCF39Rhondda Cynon Taf - Rhondda Cynon Taf
HendrerwyddHamletLL16Sir Ddinbych - Denbighshire
Hên-durnpikeHamletLL57Gwynedd - Gwynedd
HendyVillageSA4Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HenfynywVillageSA46Sir Ceredigion - Ceredigion
HengoedSuburban AreaCF82Caerffili - Caerphilly
HenllanHamletSY21Powys - Powys
HenllanVillageLL16Sir Ddinbych - Denbighshire
HenllanVillageSA44Sir Ceredigion - Ceredigion
Henllan AmgoedHamletSA34Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HenllysSuburban AreaNP44Torfaen - Torfaen
Henllys ValeHamletNP44Torfaen - Torfaen
HenrydVillageLL32Conwy - Conwy
Henry's MoatHamletSA63Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
Heol LasSuburban AreaSA7Abertawe - Swansea
Heol SenniHamletLD3Powys - Powys
Heol-dduVillageSA15Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HeolgerrigSuburban AreaCF48Merthyr Tudful - Merthyr Tydfil
Heol-y-CywVillageCF35Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr - Bridgend
Heol-y-mynyddHamletCF32Bro Morgannwg - the Vale of Glamorgan
HerbrandstonVillageSA73Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HermonVillageLL62Sir Ynys Mon - Isle of Anglesey
HermonHamletSA33Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HermonVillageSA36Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HernstonHamletCF31Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr - Bridgend
HeyopeHamletLD7Powys - Powys
High CrossSuburban AreaNP10Casnewydd - Newport
High MeadowSuburban AreaNP11Caerffili - Caerphilly
High StreetHamletSA34Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
Highmoor HillHamletNP26Sir Fynwy - Monmouthshire
HillVillageSA68Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
Hill MountainVillageSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HillblockHamletSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HilltopSuburban AreaNP23Blaenau Gwent - Blaenau Gwent
HiraelSuburban AreaLL57Gwynedd - Gwynedd
HiraethHamletSA34Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HirnantHamletSY10Powys - Powys
HirwaenHamletLL15Sir Ddinbych - Denbighshire
HirwaunSuburban AreaCF44Rhondda Cynon Taf - Rhondda Cynon Taf
HodgestonHamletSA71Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HodleyHamletSY16Powys - Powys
Hoel-laethogHamletCF32Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr - Bridgend
HollybushVillageNP12Caerffili - Caerphilly
HollybushSuburban AreaNP44Torfaen - Torfaen
HolwaySuburban AreaCH8Sir y Fflint - Flintshire
HookVillageSA62Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HopkinstownSuburban AreaSA18Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HopkinstownSuburban AreaCF37Rhondda Cynon Taf - Rhondda Cynon Taf
Hopton IsafHamletSY15Powys - Powys
HorebVillageSA44Sir Ceredigion - Ceredigion
HorebHamletSA15Sir Gaerfyrddin - Carmarthenshire
HortonVillageSA3Abertawe - Swansea
HoughtonVillageSA73Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HubberstonSuburban AreaSA73Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HundletonVillageSA71Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
Hundred HouseHamletLD1Powys - Powys
HurdleyHamletSY15Powys - Powys
HwlfforddTownSA61Sir Benfro - Pembrokeshire
HyssingtonHamletSY15Powys - Powys
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