We’re a team of Welsh people passionate about sharing everything that our incredible country has to offer. On this site, you can find out anything you want to know about Wales, from the best activities to why we have a red dragon on our flag.

Everything on this site is backed by evidence and research, as well as our own knowledge of the country that we call home.

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Who We Are

Interested to learn more about our team? Here’s a little more about us:

Kieren Windsor, Editor-in-Chief – Kieren is the founder and editor-in-chief of Wales Guidebook. Originally from rural Mid-Wales, he has lived all over the country from Cardiff to Wrexham. A true Welshman, Kieren created this site to share his passion for Wales and help others discover this beautiful country.

Natalya Escott, Welsh Cuisine Expert – Natalya is a Welsh chef from the small town of Tenby on the south coast of Wales. With 17 years of experience as a professional chef, Natalya is passionate about Welsh cuisine and loves to use local produce in her dishes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the number one resource about Wales on the internet. We’ll do this by:

Sharing evidence-based, unbiased information about the history of Wales and Welsh culture.
Tapping into the knowledge of our local writers across the country to promote tourism in Wales and local businesses.

What We Cover

Wales Guidebook is a one-stop-shop for everything to do with Wales. This site covers:

Welsh Food & Drink – Find a selection of delicious Welsh recipes as well as the background for some popular dishes and how they came to prominence.
Travel in Wales – Whether you’re a local looking to explore your area or you’re visiting Wales, we’ll share the best things to do and places to stay.
Welsh Culture – From the national emblems of Wales to the Welsh language, find out more about the beating heart of Wales.